Have You Seen What Collaboration Can Achieve?

Welcome! I’m pleased to see you have taken an interest in my professional background. I have had the pleasure of working with participation and collaboration my whole career, from non-profit and active citizenship starting in the late ’90s, city development and public culture sector to service design in the private sector in the digital age. All organizations have one thing in common: customer-logic approach leads to better, more effective and more satisfying organizational culture and results. My expertise is to lead this change in practice, starting from understanding the digital and emotional world of customers and stakeholders.

Creating Services that Change the Culture

Collaboration is what makes better leaders. The same goes for services – good service is based on actual customer needs and participation.  On the other hand, we need to take social and environmental questions into account, such as equality, artistic value, and climate change. It’s a question of why make a more sustainable car when one can build an electric bicycle. I have the ability to connect these contradicting point of views into services that appeal to both parties, creating both customer-oriented and society-driven value.

Cultural Value Insight

As a Master of Arts, I have a strong background in design and aesthetics. My specialty is narrative theory and the stories we tell in so many forms, visual, textual, on stage, and in everyday life. This academic background united with hands-on experience has lead to a profound understanding of the role of art and culture in our society. Culture acts as a bonding agent, holding people and their values together in an ever-changing society. It offers active roles to citizens and the ability to make a difference through lifelong learning and active citizenship.

Working with Validated Methods and Agile Workflow

Financial and management skills have been the basis in my career. I’ve managed a volunteer team to produce a nonformal learning programme to over 600 attendees a year and created an innovative service concept with a strict budget and complex financial code in the public sector. In many cases, the economic standpoint is a media for value-creation and measuring the impact, in other words, placing the goal of all actions. The most effective way to execute these goals is to implement agile workflow, delivering impact from the start. I hope we meet to discuss this culture-creating method further in detail.