Helsinki Culture Centre Service Concept

I work as a Service Design Lead in a large design project aiming to re-model and conceptualize local culture centres in Helsinki (Malmitalo, Vuotalo, Stoa, Kanneltalo). As a chairman of our working group, I am in charge of creating collaboration between different services (libraries, education centre, culture, and youth services) and accomplishing a new collaboration with all partners. Customer participation and regional democracy have also been important themes in the process and continue to evolve as we are heading to the implementation phase in fall 2018.

The end result is a profound study of the services and working environment of these local culture centres. As a working group, we try to portray the structures that are needed to develop services in the future and what methods can be used along the way. We concentrate on the next 4 years meaning that the chosen methods are realistic to achieve in today’s perspective. We have also described how current resources could be modified to achieve our vision of excellent quality service experience.

We have used multiple service design methods in the process, for example collecting the mindset of our users and staff through conception exercise. Helsinki Culture Centres have a complex clientele meaning that customers have different roles in different services. All in all, we try to enhance services that enable customers to actively take part or influence what kind of services are offered.

I work as a Library Director of Kannelmäki Library. We have already implemented some totally new services that execute the new service model, for example, ticket sale in the library. Although it sounds relevantly simple this has been a major change and to our knowledge, we are first in Finland to carry this out.



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