Malmi Library Renovation

I produced a new renovation and service plan to be executed in 2016-2017 in Malmi Library. The project was based on finding funding to make some major adjustments in the service possibilities of the library space. The outcome was to enhance the role of literature in the space, making it easier to find interesting books or other contents. Another track in the execution plan was to triple the space used for studying, reading or meeting with other people. The plan was made in close collaboration with staff and customers who were able to comment on their needs and wishes in a simple mapping method.  The plan was executed according to plan and finished in April 2017.

I worked in Malmi as a Library Director for 7 months in 2015-2016. In addition to a new service plan, I executed some major improvements in shift planning, teamwork, and experimental work culture.

Malmi Library is situated in Malmi, Helsinki in a multicultural and vibrant community. The library has around 320 000 customer visits a year, 14 members of staff and multiple trainees every year. Malmi Library organizes about 300 events every year for children and adults. Library’s collection is much appreciated and many customers like to work or spend time in the library.


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