Place for a game

Pelin paikka (Place for a game) was a 2-year service design project to promote and enhance gaming as a culture and library service in Helsinki City Library. The project included training, events, gamification, and service design and resulted in new services such as a wide selection of board games and a structure how digital and physical game material can be maintained in the future.

We also managed a first-ever participatory gaming workshop that used democratic methods designing a board game with 25 participants and 25 hours workshop. The result, a game called ”Great Escape” was published in 2015.

I worked as the project manager with a small project team and in charge of planning the project timeline, objectives, training program, events and workshops as well as budgeting, reports, a study plan and collaboration with the executive board. I also acted as a workshop host and trainer and executed a questionnaire to study how librarians use games. We produced almost 10 000 visits to gaming events, new gaming place for youths in libraries, a loanable game bag and a game based learning method for secondary school.

The project report is published in Finnish:


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