My strength as a director comes from my previous leadership roles where motivation has played a crucial part. I have over five years of experience managing teams and services in the public sector and more than a decade of experience in NGO’s management and executing lifelong learning possibilities to citizens and youth. In both positions, my primary goal has been serving my customers and employees.

Service Design

In my current position, I help organizations to utilize service design to make better services and processes. I’m exceptionally skilled in workshop and participation methods.


I have over five years of experience in training volunteer teams and creating training methods and content in themes of teamwork, active citizenship, and critical thinking. I’m most familiar with approaches that emphasize learning by doing together, group discussion, understanding the underlying goals, and the practical means how to get there.

Most of my teamwork expertise comes from Prometheus Camp Association and its excellent methods of how to create well-working teams with mutual understanding and trust with only three weekends of training before heading to work. I was in charge of developing this training program over three years with a team of 10-20 young trainers and with over 600 yearly participants.

Project Management

I have managed multiple projects from small to large scale. As a project manager, I prefer to use lean working methods, customer involvement from the start and multi-channel communication methods.

I worked as a project manager and designer in Helsinki City Library 2010-2017. Most of my projects required collaborating with customers and staff of approximately 500 professionals. Project teams usually consisted of 2-10 members. We created both digital and customer service innovations. Many of the projects that I managed had elements new to me (for example planning a board game or designing a mobile app). I’m a fast learner and excellent in gathering the required knowledge from people and other sources.

Impact-provoking methods

Goal-oriented planning is a method we created in the Training Department of Prometheus Camp Associations. It is based on similar practices in tech community and starts with the fact that goals are the driving force of change, quality, motivation, and knowledge.  We begin with defining the exact goal or goals through discussions, prototyping, and narrating. With this understanding, we go through the current services, organizational structures or working habits and make necessary changes to these means. Goal-oriented planning distinguishes between goals and means and therefore makes it simple to make changes when needed. It is a method that seeks the purpose or meaning of any action, and tries to get rid of tasks that are not necessary to achieve the well-balanced goals.

Customer Relations

I have collaborated with customers in many roles: as a customer service expert, through social media, questionnaires, and campaigns, working with customers hand in hand in workshops and understanding the customer base through statistics and other information. I have also managed a customer board and created events and festival for customers.

My strength when collaborating with customers is my presence and actual interest. I’m genuinely interested what interests people, what motivates them, what is important for them, and what emotional impact can be achieved. My motivation comes from my curious personality, seeking to understand the complexity of people and structures. This attitude results for a strong presence when meeting, discussing and listening to customers. I’m easy to talk to because I listen willingly.


As a designer, my specialty is writing and understanding problems and contexts through stories, words, and concepts. I value visual elements as a mean of communicating and making ideas more accessible but cannot stress enough how much one can do with writing when dealing with complex or large organizations and the human mind. I’m well known from my skill to put in writing different point of views and needs and creating a balanced and coherent result.


I enjoy myself whenever performing, giving a lecture or speaking in public. I’m easy to approach and interactive in my presence. I have some years of experience from theatre and improvisation as a hobby, and I’m ready for more!